Frequently Asked Questions
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Friday, 04 June 2010 02:39

Q.  What does the MAJ do and how does it operate?

A.       The MAJ is a trade association which facilitates discussion and development of industry standards for the media industry in Jamaica.  The Association seeks to influence policy and regulation of the industry to ensure media freedom, media independence, equitable regulation and fair business practices. 
The MAJ also sets, maintains and guides the relationship between members of the Association and the Advertising Agencies Association of Jamaica.

 Q.  When and why was the MAJ established?

A.       The MAJ was formed in 1965 to foster a coordination of approaches to media issues on policy, regulatory and business arrangements for the media.  The Association pays attention to the maintenance of press freedom and the protection of free speech.

Q.  What is a media organization?

A.       A media organization is a licensed member of the broadcasting industry, an established publisher conforming with the business establishment laws of the country or an entity engaged in the publication of news and information in an approved new or traditional media format.

Q.  Who can be appointed to the Executive Committee of the MAJ?

A.       The Executive Committee of the MAJ is comprised of elected representatives of the members of the MAJ.  They should come from one of the three membership categories – electronic, print or other media.


Q. If I have a complaint about a media house, can I file the complaint with the MAJ?

A.       As a trade association, the MAJ does not have a regulatory role over its members.  It can use moral persuasion to assist in addressing issues that have been raised, but cannot force members in specific actions.

Q.  Does the MAJ regulate media houses?

A.       The MAJ has no regulatory or legal authority over any media organization. 



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