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National Transformation Programme

The National Transformation Programme, branded Fresh Start Jamaica, will transform and unite mass public perception and action concerning “right and wrong” values and attitudes morally, socially and economically. The moral and social success of the programme will be evidenced by personal behavioural improvement & community development, as citizens embrace & express the shared National Core Values (NCVs).


Ministry of Transportation & Works

The Ministry of Transport and Works was formed on September 14, 2007 ending its association with the Ministry of Water and Housing which dated back to March 31, 2006. This is the second occasion that the Ministry is so known as between January 1998 and March, 2006 it carried that moniker.


Police Oversight Authority

The Act to establish the Authority was approved by the Houses of Parliament in December 28, 2005 and the Authority became functional in September 2006 with the appointment of the Chairman by His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall, ON, OJ, Governor General of Jamaica. The Chairman of the Authority reports to the Governor General.


Violence Prevention Alliance

The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) Jamaica is a network for organizations working to prevent violence. Launched in November 2004, VPA opened to broad participation from group from all sectors (governmental, nongovernmental and private) and levels (community, national and regional) to unite around a shared vision.


Crime Stop

Crime Stop is a partnership between the community, the police and the media designed to involve the public in the fight against crime. Crime Stop encourages the public to give information by offering total anonymity to all callers and, for those who wish, a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest, recovery of stolen property or the seizure of illegal drugs or guns.   The programme is administered by the National Crime Prevention Fund and is run under the direction of The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica.


Peace & Love in Schools

The letters PALS stand for Peace and Love in Schools. This programme was started in 1994, as a response to the escalating levels of violence seen in Jamaican schools. Help in developing PALS came from the Peace Education Foundation of the USA and in fact they continue to offer assistance with the ongoing programme as well as occupy a seat on the PALS Board.

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